Tomorrow Is Yours To Claim With Protein & Grains

This magical marriage of sun-baked grains in milk’s liquid embrace conjures 9-10 grams of protein*, at your body’s service.
*Protein from one serving of featured cereals plus 1/2 cup skim milk

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Frosted Mini-Wheats Made for Kidults

Delicious on one side. Nutritious on the other. It’s something the kid and the adult in you will both enjoy.

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You have questions... we're here to answer

Kellogg's wants to earn a seat at your breakfast table. So, tell us what's on your mind - so we can make mornings better.

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A new shape that's out of this world

Froot Loops Bloopers™ have the sweet aroma and fruity taste your kids love, with a whole new shape!

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