Welcome to the February 2021 issue of the Kellogg’s Wellbeing Collective eNewsletter.
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Kellogg's Wellbeing Newsletter – February 2021


Welcome to the February 2021 issue of the Kellogg’s Wellbeing Collective eNewsletter. Learn about our long-standing nutrition legacy, resources to celebrate cereal and school breakfast in March, and grants to give schoolkids breakfast. Finally, get a taste of silly jokes from Eggo® Minis.

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New Cereals and Granolas

Kellogg’s and Nutrition—Then and Now


With National Nutrition Month coming in March, it’s timely to tell you about Kellogg’s long-standing commitment to nutrition and well-being.

Today, W.K. Kellogg’s legacy continues to inspire us. Kellogg is a company with a Heart and Soul committed to better days for people and a place at the table for everyone through our trusted brands.

For instance, we’re focused on:

•   Strengthening our impact on physical health by innovating foods that provide key nutrients and ingredients and supporting positive eating patterns, including portion control

•   Increasing access to nourishing foods through WIC, SNAP and meal programs that support kids and hunger

•   Connecting people with foods and marketing efforts that create shared moments and experiences

•   Leading in climate action through sustainable packaging and by supporting farmers

•   Positively impacting childhood wellbeing through our foods and marketing efforts most visible to kids

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Celebrate Cereal and
School Breakfast in March


National Cereal Day (March 7) and National School Breakfast Week (March 8-12) are almost here—a great time to review the benefits of cereal and to offer our latest resources.

Did you know these facts about cereal?

• Many cereal grains are grown by US farmers.

• Cereal helps promote intake of other food groups like milk and fruit.

• Kellogg’s has more than 30 cereals that are a good or excellent source of fiber.

Cereal and milk can have double digit protein levels—Kellogg’s offers 15 different cereals that are at least a good source of protein when combined with ¾ cup milk.

• Kellogg’s offers several delicious cereals with 5 grams of sugar or less.

• Cereal is the number one food eaten when families eat together.

• It’s affordable—a serving of Kellogg’s cereal, milk and fruit is $1*.

• Many cereal packaging materials are made from recycled or certified-sustainable sources.

Learn more about cereal: See our cereal infographic and hear from registered dietitian Holley Grainger.

* Disclosure: Based on average cost of serving of Kellogg’s cereal, ¾ cup (Nielsen: 52 WE, 2019), ¼ cup (USDA ERS, July 2018) of top 3 fresh fruits consumed (The Packer: Fresh Trends, 2019) in US.

Calling all K-12 school foodservice professionals! Kellogg’s is committed to providing delicious and nutritious foods—including cereal and plant-based proteins—that meet USDA school meal regulations to fuel kids throughout the day.

Join us in celebrating National School Breakfast Week (March 8-12, 2021)—get our calendar full of fun menu concepts!


K-12 School Breakfast Grants


Kellogg’s is pleased to provide grants to 10 schools districts across the country to help expand their school breakfast programs. The grants are a part of Kellogg’s more than $1 million donations to No Kid Hungry ®.

Because schools are challenged even more today due to the impact of COVID-19, the districts will use much of the funding to purchase mobile equipment to help transport breakfast to multiple locations, based on how they are managing their programs right now.

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Want to Hear a “Waffully” Good Joke?


Q: How does a waffle hold syrup?      A: In its pockets.

(Cue the groans!)
Look for more silly jokes like this on the back of select packages of Eggo® Minis.


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