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Be the Real You

  • Be The Real You
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We believe in giving every individual a platform for his/her set of skills, talents & quirks, and so we take immense pride in our diverse and inclusive work environment. We’re open, accessible and approachable, At Kellogg, you get the space to discover yourself and realize your true potential.


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True innovation, creativity and performance are demonstrated by teams that are diverse & inclusive. As an organisation we are committed to ensuring that everyone has a seat at the table by creating equity and levelling the playing field, celebrating diversity and fostering an inclusive culture where people can be themselves and have a unique voice.

As we journey towards gender balance, our Women of Kellogg & Allies Employee Resource Group works closely on agenda to build inclusion including creating of industry leading practices & policies to support women & men at different life stages, supporting allyship and creating inclusive behaviours and actions as ways of working.


Locate for your day

To be the real you, we understand that you need to be able to be at your best. We enable balance and flexibility so you can be your whole self. As we embrace the future of work, our ‘Locate For Your Day’ policy enables you to choose your work arrangement with your manager, so you can find a way of working that works for you.


Pitstop Logo

With Pit Stops, we encourage you to take breaks to pause, reflect, take a deep breath – so you can be at work refreshed and energized.

Our No Meeting days enable you to manage your work at your pace and thinking – away from the hustle of back-to-back meetings

Happy, engaged and connected teams are high performing teams and at Kellogg we are proud of our culture that is welcoming and informal like a family. Here you can feel a part of a larger team and purpose, which is why our teams are engaged and proud to work for Kellogg. We welcome you to experience #LifeAtK.

Make your Mark

  • Make Your Mark
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We are a company of promise and possibilities. Here you get opportunities and responsibilities that unleash the leader in you. We hope to inspire you to challenge your limits and push the boundaries. At Kellogg, you chart your own path, and create your own legacy.


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At Kellogg we are committed to helping you make your mark by offering you opportunities to grow and thrive. That is why we believe in investing in you by offering lateral moves, stretch assignments and international assignments to develop width and depth through your career journey. Through in-depth career conversations, mentoring opportunities and robust talent moves, we enable you to chart your own path at Kellogg.


Kellogg's L-K Brands

We believe that continuous learning is the only way our people will continue to be competitive, agile and successful today and in the future.

We invest in Leadership Development at every level from our front-line leaders, to senior leadership through tie ups with world class institutions and partners.

Our functional capability programmes are done in conjunction with industry leading experts in field to help you hone your skills & stay relevant.

Our People Manager Effectiveness program enables us to build better coaches and leaders.

We also have a gamut of self-learning opportunities for individuals to work on their own development plans.


Kellogg's Achievers Logo

We enable you to make your mark and we celebrate your achievements because ‘We love Success’! Our recognition programs spanning global, regional & country platforms will enable you to feel valued and recognized for your contributions. Our high-performance culture rewards disproportionately people who deliver the highest levels of performance for the organisation.

Do a world of good

  • Do A World of Good
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At Kellogg, we are rooted in our values and driven by purpose to create a seat at the table for everyone. We are an organization that cares for its people, gives back to society and works towards a better planet.


Kellogg's Kare

At Kellogg, employee care is at the heart of everything we do. Our Employee Kare programme focuses on ensuring that our policies and benefits support our people at their time in need. Whether it is though our focus on safety protocols, industry leading insurance policies or offering health care benefits that cover not just you, but your family, it starts with you.


Total Health Logo

Our vision is to create a world that is not just fed, but fulfilled and that vision flows through to our philosophy where we don’t just think of the financial well-being of our employees, but also their emotional, social & physical well-being. Our benefits support each of these pillars under our Total Health agenda.


Kids enjoying Kellogg's breakfast bowl as part of make a difference program

As an organisation we do a world of good, but we also expect our employees to contribute and be a part of that agenda. Our employee volunteering programme offers the opportunity to be involved in the work done by our organisation in the area of food security & nutrition.

Let’s talk about Benefits

Kellogg's Employee Benefit Financial Wellness Kellogg's Employee Benefit Physical Wellness Kellogg's Employee Benefit Emotional Wellness
Kellogg's Employee Benefit Social Wellness Kellogg's Employee Benefit Inclusive Policies Kellogg's Employee Benefit Professional Development

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Our employees are our greatest competitive advantage. At Kellogg, we enable you to ‘Nourish Your Gr-r-reat!’

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