Food, Community, and Legacy. One Story at a Time


Black history is a collection of accomplishments, stories, and triumphs. It’s a lineage of contributions that often go uncelebrated. Black History Month is a time to recognize the influence Black Americans have on this country—and one month is not enough. Black History. Every Month (BHEM) was created by Kellogg Company to elevate the achievements of the community and address imperative food justice concerns.

“We want to create a unique opportunity for Kelloggs’ employees, brands, consumers, and partners to honor Black food pioneers of our past, elevate the heroes fighting for equitable food systems today, and commit to supporting sustainable change in the future,” said Maegan Hill, Committee Chair for the Kellogg African American Resource Group (KAARG) that launched the BHEM campaign.

Black History. Every Month, supported across Kellogg’s EggoKashiMorningstar Farms, and Special K brands, partners with local community programs, like Ivy League Farms in Houston, to combat food deserts across the country.

The campaign also partners with World Food Programme, which focuses son hunger and food security, to bring scale murals to major cities like New Orleans, Detroit, and Oakland. The Skillet Project, which was created in partnership with food writer, editor and historian, Donna Pierce, lends tremendous support to preserving the heart of Black family food stories.

 “We are very passionate about the work that’s being done with Black History. Every Month and The Skillet Project. We want to make an impact from the inside out,” said Melanie HallMarketing Director of Kashi, a BHEM Kellogg brand. “It is important for us as a company to not only spotlight the historic moments that have helped shape us but also be an eager participant in how future stories are told.”

With its new internal Food Research and Development program that hired two Black chef fellows in 2021, Kellogg explores how the brands can continue to diversify themselves. Likewise, studying historic food pathways while amplifying the voices of aspiring young chefs with Skillet Diaries, Kellogg is committed to amplifying voices in the Black community all year long. 

“By showing young people that they can understand, share, and advance their culture through food, we’re encouraging the next generation of food leaders and further diversifying the industry,” said Hall. “We’re also helping young people use their digital powers for good. Our Skillet Project participants learned important interviewing and listening skills, proving that the intergenerational handshake works both ways. Kellogg and students in the pilot are excited to partner with other organizations to share this experience with even more young leaders.”

Kellogg is proud to share meals, history, and stories...every month of the year.

Check back in for a preview of Kellogg Company's latest mural projects in Washington, D.C. and Battle Creek, Michigan, as well as fun stories and recipes from our Detroit Skillet Project students.

Guided by Kellogg Company's African American Resource Group and our wellness brands Special K, Eggo, MorningStar Farms and Kashi, Kellogg has launched “Black History. Every Month.: A Call for Food Justice,” shining a light on the barriers to food justice and elevating the work of local heroes fighting to remove them.

As part of this commitment, Kellogg has made $20,000 donation to Sunlight Gardens as well as organizations in New Orleans, Houston, Oakland, Detroit , Battle Creek, Michigan and Washington D.C.

We invite you to join the fight for food justice three ways:

●     Learn more about food injustice and the barriers to healthy food systems in your area.

●     Support food justice programs with donations and by following them on social media.

Spread the word about organizations fighting food justice by sharing their stories on your social media channels, using hashtags #BHEM, #cultivatefoodjustice

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