Fighting Hunger Around the World

Kellogg to host virtual World Food Day Event

October 13 at 12 p.m. ET

“Fighting Hunger at Every Table” will feature a compelling discussion on the issue of global food insecurity, including how COVID-19 has impacted the global food system from farm to table. The discussion will also look at progress made against the United Nations General Assembly’s 17 sustainable development goals designed to transform our world by 2030.

The event will be held from 12-1:30 pm ET and hosted by Dani Nierenberg, President of Food Tank. The panel discussion will feature four main themes:

  • GROW – Rise and Shine: Understanding the intersection of hunger and climate change
  • NOURISH – Hunger, Over Easy: How healthy, nutritious diets lead to a zero-hunger world
  • SUSTAIN – Waist Not, Want Not: Tackling food waste for people and planet
  • TOGETHER: Gather Around the Table to End World Hunger

Dani will also host a discussion with President and CEO Steve Cahillane, who will touch on a number of these topics from Kellogg’s perspective.

Click here for details and to register.

Kellogg Honors World Food Day by help to feed our neighbors when they need it most

COVID’s impact on food security has been dramatic, causing food insecurity to reach an all-time high. As COVID cases continue to grow worldwide, it is estimated that an additional 83 to 132 million people will go hungry in 2020. While nearly 9% of the world’s population, 690 million people are already facing hunger. To date, Kellogg and it's charitable funds have donated more than $18 million in food and funds to global COVID-19 hunger relief.

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