Supporting US Farmers: Fighting Hunger, Promoting Sustainability

Kellogg Company and The Nature Conservancy Collaborate to Support U.S. Farmers

Improved water quality, reduced soil erosion, better crop yields, lower carbon footprint – all reasons to equip farmers with the tools they need to adopt sustainable agriculture practices are clear.

Another reason: as the world's population continues to rise, the increased demand for food production places greater stress on farmland and the natural resources needed to crops more sustainably.

Kellogg is working to empower farmers around the world with the resources they need to meet these increasing demands, while safeguarding their livelihoods and protecting our lands and waters. 

In the U.S., sustainability is at the heart of an effort between TNC and the Kellogg Company to incentivize conservation agriculture practices among corn, wheat and rice farmers in the Midwest and Great Lakes regions. We expect the 3-year project to impact approximately 25,000 acres of land in Arkansas, Illinois, Michigan, and Nebraska, with the potential to indirectly improve up to 2 million acres over time. This work demonstrates how agriculture can contribute to improved environmental outcomes, safeguard communities and protect our lands and waters.


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