How Did You Come Up With Tony The Tiger

Q: How did you come up with your mascot Tony the Tiger?

A: In 1952 Tony™ and three other characters -- Katy the Kangaroo™ Elmo the Elephant™ and Newt the Gnu™ -- were created as part of a contest for packages of Kellogg's new cereal, Kellogg's Sugar Frosted Flakes of Corn™.  When Tony™ proved more popular with consumers, the other characters were removed from the package.

In 1953, Kellogg's advertising agency, Leo Burnett in Chicago, further developed Tony™ for a four-color ad in the August issue of LIFE magazine. Since then, his career has been the envy of any human star, with many appearances on TV, in magazines, newspapers and point-of-sale materials.

Although cereal remains his first love, the star quality of Tony the Tiger™ has advanced his career from a product spokes-tiger to a full-fledged goodwill ambassador for Kellogg Company. When he appears at special events, Tony™ is surrounded by photographers and children.

Since 1981, the face of Tony the Tiger™ has smiled in the sky as a giant graphic on Kellogg Company's hot-air balloon. In June of 1985, a new hot-air balloon named The Gr-r-reat Tony Balloon™ launched its maiden voyage in Battle Creek, Michigan. Wherever the Kellogg Company hot-air balloon travels, it attracts crowds of balloon chasers and Tony™ fans.

Tony™ was created especially for children, but his lifelike characteristics make him popular with consumers of all ages. Admirers of Tony™ have called him friendly, lovable, talented, boastful and almost human. Perhaps one of his most enduring characteristics is his encouragement to children to strive toward achieving their fullest potential.

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