How Is Your Cereal Made


Ever wonder how your favorite cereal and snacks make it to your breakfast table or pantry? Every recipe starts with the goodness of grains — Nebraska corn, Louisiana rice and Michigan wheat. From those simple grains, we create a variety of Kellogg’s food, which are made with a handful of ingredients plus the vitamins and minerals families need.

We prepare our foods in a method similar to what you do in your own kitchen, just on a larger scale, so you get our best – from seed to spoon.

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Kellogg’s® Rice Krispies® 
Medium grain rice is cooked with a lightly sweetened malt flavoring and partially dried. The warm rice is lightly rolled, making each tender grain ready for puffing. After a day of rest to let the flavor blend, the rice is toasted, causing each grain to expand into a crispy puff. 

Kellogg’s® Special K® 
Medium grain rice is cooked with a lightly sweetened malt flavoring and partially dried. A blend of flours is added to make dough, and then we dry it a little more in the form of tiny drops. The drops are then rolled and toasted into crisp crackly flakes.

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Kellogg’s Corn Flakes®
Corn grits are cooked with a lightly sweetened malt flavoring and partially dried. Then they are allowed to rest so that when rolled out, each grit becomes a flake that is ready for toasting.

Kellogg’s Crispix®
Corn grits and rice are cooked separately with slightly different flavors to get the best results from the different grains. After drying, a grooved roller passes over the grains, which give them a waffled appearance. The sheets of corn and rice are laid on top of each other, cut and toasted in an oven that causes them to puff into light crunchy pillows.

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The highest quality potatoes are cleaned, prepared and dehydrated into potato flakes, then mixed with corn and wheat flour, along with water to form a dough sheet. From the dough sheet, our famous "saddle-shaped" crisps are cut, then cooked in sunflower and/or corn oil. The crisps are sprayed with oil to help them cool and passed under a curtain of powdered seasoning, then packed in their iconic cans!

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Kellogg’s® Frosted Mini-Wheats®
Whole-wheat berries are cooked, cooled and shredded into layers of fiber-packed goodness – then cut into squares, toasted and dusted with a touch of sweetness.

Kellogg’s® All Bran® Complete® Wheat Flakes
We crack soft white wheat berries on site, and then add a mixture of bran and malt flavoring before we cook the high fiber dough. After it cools, we shape it into tiny droplets to dry. Finally, each drop is rolled and then toasted into a crispy flake.