Kellogg Ensures Products Are Gluten Free

Q: How do you ensure your foods are gluten free?

A: At Kellogg, we believe in the power of grains and the positive impact grains can have on health and the planet.  We also understand there are people who are trying to reduce gluten – either because of celiac disease or due to a diet choice. 

Although gluten free is not our primary focus, we have several foods that meet the needs of consumers who prefer gluten-free options, which are clearly labeled on the front of the package. 

All of our gluten free foods and manufacturing facilities: 

•Undergo a comprehensive assessment and qualification 

•Meet FDA guidelines for labeling “gluten free” 

•Contain less than 20 parts per millions (ppm) of gluten 

•Are verified through testing 

Please remember that recipes change over time, so for the most accurate information, be sure to read the nutrition facts panel on the package you purchase.

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