Snacking Is A Way Of Life

Whether we’re running out the door in the morning, rushing to meetings, or picking up the kids from school, we’re busier than ever. So it’s only natural that what - and how - we eat has changed. Just 40 years ago, the average American ate only one snack a day, but today most of us eat 2 or more snacks a day.


There’s no formal definition of snacking, but most of us would agree that a snack is something we eat before, between or after meals. Snacks can happen any time - early in the morning, between breakfast and lunch, in the mid or late afternoon, in the evening after dinner or even right before bedtime. Whenever you like to snack, in the proper portion sizes, snacks for both nourishment and treats can fit into a healthy, balanced diet.


We snack for lots of reasons. Often, it’s for energy or to curb hunger between meals. Sometimes we snack for emotional reasons, such as boredom, stress, or because we want a treat.


Today, we are snacking more often at all times throughout the day, from morning through evening, with afternoon snacking being the most popular time.

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