Which Kelloggs Brands Are Kosher?

Q: What Kellogg foods are Kosher?   

A: If the food you are interested in is Kosher certified, its packaging will contain a symbol as designated by the Rabbinical Council that certified the food.  We prefer not to provide lists of Kosher foods, as they can quickly become inaccurate, since over time, Kosher certifications may change.   

The best way to determine a foods’ Kosher status is to look at the package, as this will always reflect the most accurate information. Due to variation in packaging sizes and design, the Kosher symbol location may be different on each package.  It is commonly on the front panel of the package near the food name.   

The symbols we use to indicate the Kosher status of a food and the corresponding councils are:   

Orthodox Union Kashruth Division 

Symbols:  “Circle-U D” (Kosher Dairy) and “Circle-U” (Kosher/Pareve) 

Foods:  Kellogg cereals, Special K, Nutri-Grain, Eggo, Kashi, Austin, Carr’s, Special K Pastry Crisps, Pringles, Pure, Bear Naked Premium Granolas 


Organized Kashrus Laboratories 

Symbols:  “Circle-K” (Kosher/Pareve) and “Circle-K D” (Kosher Dairy) 

Foods:  MorningStar Farms, Gardenburger, Cheez-It, Bear Naked Granolas, Keebler Crackers, some Incogmeato foods 

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