Why Do You Add Vitamins To Your Cereals?

Q: Why do you add vitamins and minerals to your cereal? 

A: Kellogg encourages people to follow healthy eating patterns that include a variety of foods, but the reality is that there are several key nutrients often missing from the American diet.  Research shows that fortification of foods, like ready-to-eat cereal, can help people fill those gaps.  (1) 

Although fortification is not a mandatory requirement for cereal, Kellogg believes in the impact it can help on nutrient intakes, especially those of public health concern. Many of our cereals provide vitamins and minerals inherently though the ingredients in the food.  We may purposefully fortify with additional vitamins and/or minerals to meet consumers’ public health needs.   

For those that prefer cereals without added vitamins and minerals, we invite you to try our Kashi brand. 

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