Why Is Breakfast So Important?

Q: Why is breakfast so important?

A: At Kellogg, we believe in the power of breakfast and doing all we can to make mornings better.  The importance of eating breakfast has long been recognized.   

More than just a meal, breakfast is the springboard to the day’s possibilities.  By enjoying a balanced breakfast each day, we get the energy we need to make the most of every morning and set ourselves up for a successful day.   

Breakfast is essential to providing us with vitamins and minerals. Recent research shows that morning eating, including those who consume pre-sweetened, ready-to-eat cereal with milk, were more likely associated with greater overall diet quality*.  Adults and kids who eat in the morning get more vitamins and minerals in their diets than people who skip breakfast. 

Family meals, including breakfast, influences long term health.  Kids and teens that share meals with their family, including breakfast, 3 or more times per week are significantly less likely to be overweight to have healthier dietary and eating patterns.*   

*Summary of Family Meals Research and Data Study published by Kellogg. https://www.global.kelloggsnutrition.com/content/dam/kelloggsnutrition/resources/wic/beyond-the-bowl/family-meals-month/Family_Meals_Research.pdf

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