Kellogg on Operating Ethically

Just as people want to know what’s in our foods and how they’re made, they are just as interested in how we treat our employees, respect our suppliers, and care for our communities. At Kellogg, we live our values and communicate with transparency to earn the trust of customers and consumers around the world. Kellogg has always been committed to operating ethically; it’s something we prioritize every day.

To this end, we participate in a number of benchmarks and surveys and are proud to have again been named to the FTSE4GoodDow Jones Sustainability Index, and Corporate Human Rights Benchmark. We have also been named to the following:

  • Ethisphere World’s Most Ethical Companies

  • Forbes Global Best Regarded Company

  • Reputation Institute World’s Most Reputable Company

Kellogg's Family Rewards

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Our Global Code of Ethics details our commitment to operating ethically and transparently. Employees continue to receive annual training on the Code that addresses anti-corruption, anti-competitive behavior, data protection and human rights. Employees, suppliers, partners or anyone else with an ethical concern is encouraged to contact our confidential K Ethics Line either online or via phone or mobile app.

We also have in place a robust system of controls to protect our company’s information, as well as customer and consumer data, from potential cybersecurity attacks. We prioritize making the necessary investments, continually advancing our information technology capabilities to vigilantly safeguard our business.


Kellogg partners with suppliers to continuously strengthen ethical operations across their supply chains

We collaborate with our supplier partners – including ingredient suppliers, packaging suppliers and engineering firms – to improve the social and environmental sustainability of their operations. Additionally, our Global Supplier Code of Conduct requires supplier partners to support our corporate responsibility commitments by continuously improving environmental and social indicators within their operations and throughout their supply chains, and to report annually on their progress.

We have been working with our suppliers on climate action for the last decade. In 2020, Kellogg was named to the CDP Supplier Engagement Leaderboard for the third consecutive year in recognition of our efforts around this important issue. We also expect all high-risk commodity suppliers and the top 80% (by spend) of our ingredient and packaging suppliers in each region to join Sedex in 2020, the largest collaborative platform for sharing ethical supply chain data.


At Kellogg, employees and suppliers alike share our commitment to operating ethically. Doing so is core to the company Kellogg has always been and will always be.