Supporting Small Share Farmers

Kellogg’s reaches out to women and smallholder farmers

Today, there’s a lot of emphasis – and rightfully so – being placed on farming techniques aimed at protecting the environment. But what about protecting the livelihoods of the farmers themselves? Around the world, Kellogg is working to make a difference in the lives of farmers, working with suppliers and partners on the ground to support small-scale farmers to improve their farming techniques and business skills, and support adaptation to climate change..

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"We want to support smallholder farmers and women farmers who grow our ingredients around the world," said Amy Senter, Kellogg Chief Sustainability Officer. "We know there are many different ways to provide support that can increase yields and livelihoods, depending on crops and growing locations.”

Smallholder farmers, who are generally defined as growing crops on less than five acres, play a critical role in the global food supply – not only for their own families, but also to help support rural or impoverished communities. Kellogg understands the role a company can play in food security around the world and in providing market access for smallholders, as well as training and tools to help improve practices and yields.


In early 2014, we brought small farmers from the Andes region to the U.S. to attend a research symposium. Not only did they serve as a voice for indigenous growers, they learned about best practices for how to better increase their yields. That learning experience, combined with our partnership with Andean Naturals to provide agronomic assistance around soil health, has helped to support 600 farmer families who supply quinoa for Special K® Hot Cereal and MorningStar Farms® products.

In Mexico, Kellogg partnered with CIMMYT in support of MasAgro, an initiative that brings smallholder and women farmers together with agricultural research and development organizations. The goal is to help them raise and stabilize their crop yields and increase incomes. Additional funding helped support development and training for smallholder farmer groups in Mexico.

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