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It all starts with farmers. They are the people who grow our food and steward our lands and waters.



We created the Kellogg’s OriginsTM program to build partnerships with farmers that support their climate, social, and economic resiliency. We work with our ingredient suppliers, research institutions, and non-profit organizations around the world to provide farmers and workers in our sourcing regions with training and technical assistance they need to improve farm productivity, regenerate soil health, protect species and habitats, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and improve their livelihoods in ways that protect and respect human rights.

Our goal by the end of 2030 is to reach 1 million farmers and workers, including smallholders and women, with programs focused on climate, social, and financial resiliency.

As of 2020, our programs have reached more than 440,000 farmers around the world.

Kellogg has launched more than 40 Origins projects around the world. Click on a region to learn more about some of those initiatives.

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