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America’s Favorites. Made From Plants.

Burgers to bacon, meatballs to corn dogs, vegetarian to vegan; MorningStar Farms® is plant-based goodness made for everyone.

Plant Protein

Plant-based protein. Seems like everywhere we turn right now, people are talking about plant-based-this and plant-protein-that. And we couldn’t be happier.

See, we’ve been making and innovating better-for-you, better-for-the-planet veggie foods since the very beginning. Over 40 years of spreading plant-based love through everyday food for everyday folks. No futuristic franken-food or all-or-nothing activism. Just uncompromisingly delicious vegetarian and plant protein takes on America’s favorite foods, for every appetite and every part of the day. That’s why we continually produce some of America’s most-loved and most eaten plant-based foods.

MorningStar® Farms Recipes:

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