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Kellogg’s® Mueslix® Cereal

A delightfully wholesome cereal made of barley, whole grain wheat and oats with raisins, dates, and almonds mixed in.

Mix up your morning routine

Kellogg’s® Mueslix® cereal is a delightful medley of barley, whole grain wheat, rolled oats, raisins, dates and almonds that will mix up your morning routine. Did you know that fiber helps support digestive health, which is an important part of overall wellness? Kellogg’s® Mueslix® is a good source of fiber. Just one serving provides 12 grams of protein with milk (6 grams from milk, 6 grams from cereal).  Get your day off to a wholesome start with Kellogg's® Mueslix® cereal.

Kellogg’s® Mueslix® Cereal