Kellogg Childhood Wellbeing Promise

Q. How is Kellogg leveraging its wellbeing strategy to help improve childhood obesity?

  • Kellogg has focused for more than a century on children’s health and wellbeing, and we are committed to continue being part of the solution to the serious problem of obesity.
  • Science tells us that a more holistic approach to children’s health and wellbeing focused on eating patterns, social connectivity and improving food security may result in better outcomes. As a result, Kellogg Company’s Wellbeing strategy is intentionally holistic and focuses on physical, societal and emotional aspects of wellbeing.
  • Building on that strategy, we developed the Kellogg Childhood Wellbeing Promise to positively affect the wellbeing of children and families. The Promise focuses on two key pillars: 1) helping to improve access to nourishing, affordable, sustainable foods and 2) motivating kids to embrace wellbeing and physical activity.

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