New Program Rewards Rice Farmers for Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

More than half of the world’s population relies on rice as a primary source of nourishment [1]. Yet, it’s estimated that rice production is responsible for 12% of total global methane emissions, comparable to that of international aviation [2]. In support of Kellogg’s® Better Days global purpose platform, Kellogg Company today announced a $2 million, five-year program to work with U.S. rice farmers in the Lower Mississippi River Basin to reduce their climate impact.   Much of the rice sourced from this area is used in iconic rice-based foods like Kellogg’s Rice Krispies® and Kellogg’s Special K® cereals.

Kellogg created the Origins™ program to build partnerships with farmers worldwide to support their climate, social and economic resiliency.  Working with ingredient suppliers, research institutions and non-profit organizations around the world, farmers and workers in Kellogg sourcing regions receive training and technical assistance to improve farm productivity, regenerate soil health, protect species and habitats, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve their livelihoods in ways that protect and respect human rights. 

The new element of Kellogg’s Origins™ program is an inaugural initiative that will work with on-the-ground partners to reward U.S. rice farmers for the tons of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions they reduce, using a playbook of climate-positive practices adapted to their farms. Kellogg will pilot the program in collaboration with leading agricultural GHG measurement firm Regrow, along with farmers, agronomists and conservation partners in the Lower Mississippi River Basin. The initiative will provide soil health training opportunities to local farm service providers to support farmers’ transition to new practices and reward farmers with US$20 per ton of GHG abatement they achieve, quantified with Regrow’s secure, easy-to-use Measurement, Reporting and Verification (MRV) platform.  Through this program, Kellogg estimates a reduction of up to 51,000 tons of GHGs from the North American rice ingredient supply chain over the next five years.  This reduction is the equivalent of taking over 10,000 vehicles off the road [3].  

This effort and others like it are part of Kellogg’s® Better Days global purpose platform to create better days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030. The company is focused on addressing food security through the interconnected issues of wellbeing, hunger relief and climate resilience.

“Kellogg’s has partnered with more than 440,000 farmers in 29 countries, helping to improve lives and communities,” Cahillane added. “It is reflective of the principles our founder – W.K. Kellogg – held dear as an early philanthropist, conservationist and wellbeing pioneer.”

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