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Kellogg is Open For Breakfast. Open about the ingredients we use. Open about how we flake, bake and puff your favorite cereals and snacks. Open about our commitments to wellbeing, sustainability and giving back to communities. That’s why we created This one-stop source for everything you want to know about your favorite Kellogg foods. On this page and throughout this web site, have videos, infographics and stories about how we make our foods, protect the environment and fight hunger. Go questions? We have answers. Just ask

Kellogg has long been committed to being open and honest with consumers. But rather than just tell you we are “transparent” we’d like to show you how we make our foods; introduce you to some of the farmers who grow our ingredients; take you on a visit to communities where we are helping fight hunger. We also want to hear from you. Ask us anything! We want to hear from you.

Since our founding 115 years ago, Kellogg has been committed to openness and transparency about our foods. We started using recycled cardboard more than a century ago. Nearly 100 years ago, we pioneered the use of nutrition labels on our packaging. We’ve been stewarding environmental solutions for more than decades. We’ve provided more than 2.4 billion servings of food to families facing hunger in the past decade and by 2030 we will bring Better Days in the form of wellbeing, sustainability and food security to 3 billion people. We are proud of our heritage and excited about our future and we want to share more with you. That’s why on this page, and throughout this site you will see stories of the people and partners from our backyard in Battle Creek to around the world in Bangalore and everywhere in between. Want to know more about what’s in our foods? How we make them or how we give back? Just ask! We are open for any and all questions. Have we piqued your curiosity? Good. Well not just good, but in the words of our favorite tiger….Gr-r-r-reat!              

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