Kellogg's® Banana Corn Flakes

Go bananas and have a great start to your day with a delicious bowl of Kellogg's® Banana Corn Flakes. With banana pieces that's so tasty and cripy, everyone in your family will surely love it!

Available Sizes

180 g

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Helps to release energy

Wake up to banana goodness of Kellogg's® Banana Corn Flakes.

Love fruits in your cereals? Kellogg's® Banana Corn Flakes is made with real corn, banana puree and crispy banana pieces!

Helps to release energy Essential in blood production

Key Ingredients

  • Corn


  • Dried Bananas

    Dried Bananas

  • Banana Puree

    Banana Puree


Jagung (59.6%), gula, pisang kering (7.4%), puree pisang (3.8%), ekstrak malt, garam, perisa alami pisang, premiks vitamin dan mineral (vitamin (A, B1 (tiamin), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niasin), B6 (piridoksin), B9 (asam folat), B12 (sianokobalamin), C (asam askorbat)), mineral zat besi dan seng), antioksidan tokoferol.


Mengandung alergen, ekstrak malt. Mungking mengandung kedelai, dan kacang pohon (tree nuts).

Nutritional Information

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