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Through Kellogg’s® Better Days, we will continue our 115-plus year journey to drive growth through purpose by nurturing people and our planet by supporting 1 million farmers, especially women smallholders and workers: conserving natural resources all along the value chain, from responsibly sourcing ingredients and reducing food waste, to providing recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging.

Kellogg, the world's largest breakfast cereal producer and leading snack company, focusing on sustainable agriculture is pleased to share that its support to the domestic farmers in Turkey, has finalized the first oat harvest of the year. Kellogg, which supports oat farmers in Isparta, Sivas and Eskisehir on subjects such as agricultural engineer consultancy, fertilizer and plant protection products, within the scope of the 'Better Days' project carried out on a global scale, will bring oats to its lovers by delicious products.

Through our foods, we are helping to unlock the potential of communities around the world. Our commitment to responsibly sourcing our priority ingredients by the end of 2030 is a keyway we are doing so. This work starts on the farm, supporting the people and communities who grow our ingredients. That’s why, as part of Kellogg’s Better Days, we’re committed to supporting 1 million farmers globally, women and workers by advancing climate-smart agriculture practices that increase productivity and climate resiliency, while using fewer natural resources. To date, we have reached more than 433,000 farmers, women and workers through 40+ Kellogg’s Origins programs around the world.

Today, we are proud to announce that Kellogg Turkey collected the first harvest products in the project it carried out to support the domestic producers. Striving to create positive impact on the oat production in Isparta, Sivas and Eskisehir, Kellogg Turkey supported farmers in many areas, from agricultural engineer consultancy to fertilizer and plant protection products, within the scope of the project.

Kellogg Turkey General Manager Burcu Yazici, who participated in the oat harvest event in Isparta, stated that they support local farmers as well as many social responsibility projects such as food support and efficient use of energy resources within the scope of the 'Better Days' project they carry out on a global scale. Yazici highlighted that, “From our earliest days, Kellogg has been a purpose driven organization, a company with a heart and soul. Across our value chain – from farm to family table – we’re focused on creating better days and a place at the table for everyone through our trusted food brands. Efficiency and arable lands hold great importance for us. As part of our project, we focus on sustainable agriculture, especially with the support we provide to women farmers who particularly play a significant role in smallholder agriculture, and we continue to work globally in this context. By this perspective, we want to reach 1 million farmers around the world. It is a great happiness for us to see the fruits of our efforts in Turkey as well. In this wise, I would like to express my endless thanks to our farmers who grow and produce the oats with a lot of effort and exertion, that we will use in our delicious products.”

Kellogg Turkey supports women producer

Serife Gulcan, owner of the oat field in Isparta, emphasized the importance of Kellogg's support to women producers. Gulcan indicated that, “One of the things I value most about Kellogg is that it supports female producers like me as providing fertilizers and seeds and giving us training. Today, I am very excited and happy that my hard work has paid off. Our delicious and healthy oats were transformed into products such as oatmeal and granola, and they started their journey of adding flavor to your tables. I wish our oats, which we treat like a child, to accompany your most enjoyable moments. Bon Appetit to everyone!”

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Kellogg Company’s global manufacturing footprint spans over four regions: North America, Latin America, Europe and AMEA, where we market nearly 1,800 products in more than 180 countries.

Our vision is a good and just world where people are not just fed but fulfilled. We are creating better days and a place at the table for everyone through our trusted food brands.

Kellogg MENAT spans across Middle East, Africa, Turkey and Pakistan. We strive to enrich and delight our consumers through foods and brands that matter.

Our iconic brands in the region include Pringles®, Coco Pops®, Special K®, Rice Krispies®, Frosties®, Cheez-It, Kellogg's Corn Flakes®, Temmy’s® cereals, Bisco Misr®, Cocoa Lovers, Luxe and more..

With our partners in MENAT, our brands are loved and marketed in 60 countries, supported by 3,500+ employees and 7 manufacturing facilities.

From our kitchens to our consumers’ homes across the region, we take pride in making simple, great-tasting foods that are sourced, produced, and marketed responsibly.

We are also a company with Heart & Soul, as part of our Kellogg's® Better Days ESG strategy, we're addressing the interconnected issues of wellbeing, climate and food security, creating Better Days for 3 billion people by the end of 2030. Visit

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