Feeling Replenished: The Science Behind Improved Digestive Feelings, Wellbeing and Bowel Function After Eating Cereals High in Wheat Bran Fibre

  • Bag Of Wheat Grains

Many people don’t eat enough fibre and this is concerning as inadequate fibre intake is associated with irregularity and digestive discomfort, affecting general wellbeing.

This study investigated the improvements in digestive function, symptoms and general wellbeing found after eating All-Bran (wheat bran-rich breakfast cereal). In the study, participants ate a bowl of breakfast cereal containing at least 5g of fibre (3.5g from wheat bran) for 14 consecutive days and completed a daily symptoms diary.

Significant improvements were demonstrated in:

  • Bowel Function
  • Digestion – less bloatedness, constipation, digestive discomfort and feeling lethargic
  • General Wellbeing – feeling slimmer, more mentally alert, happier and energetic whilst experiencing less stress, mental and physical tiredness, difficulty concentrating and fewer headaches

Further improvements were seen with increasing cereal/fibre consumption. However, consuming an additional minimum 5.4 g of fibre (3.5 g wheat bran) per day was shown to deliver measurable and significant benefits for digestive health, comfort and wellbeing. Regular consumption of a higher-fibre cereal is a great way to increase fibre intake in the diet.


  1. Lawton CL et al (2013) Short term (14 days) consumption of insoluble wheat bran fibre-containing breakfast cereals improves subjective digestive feelings, general wellbeing and bowel function in a dose dependent manner. Nutrients 5: 1436-1455

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