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Our History

We’re proudly upholding the values W.K. Kellogg instilled more than 100 years ago — but now we’re doing it in 180 countries across the world including India and South Asia. We provide you and your family better breakfasts that lead to better days, and we flake corn the same way W.K. Kellogg did back in 1898. It just tastes better that way!

W.K. Kellogg founded our company through his belief in nutrition and dedication to well-being. Motivated by a passion for people, quality and innovation, he created the first-ever breakfast cereal and then shaped an entire industry. Kellogg soon became a household name; his signature, a trusted mark. Today, his legacy continues to inspire us. Working together, we create moments of delight for people around the world with our well-loved brands.

Make In India Since 1994

We serve consumers with a wide range of cereals which are made with staple grains like wheat, corn, and rice. Our cereals fulfil the diverse nutrition needs of different members in the family, be it the home-maker, growing children or adults on the go. In 1996, we launched Kellogg’s Chocos, a product meant to specifically cater to the nutritional needs of growing children. In 1999, we took our cause further when we launched Project Red Alert- fortifying Kellogg’s Corn Flakes with iron to address the problems of iron deficiency in children. Then, in 2008, we took yet another leap forward by launching INR 10/- SKUs with a vision to make nutrition affordable and easily accessible to India. In 2014, we added to our snacking portfolio by bringing the much loved Pringles chips to India. In 2020, we expanded our portfolio by launching our first-ever Indian breakfast product Kellogg Upma, followed by targeting the ‘In-between meal’ segment for our 3 p.m snacking needs with K-energy Bars. With the launch of our globally loved and fastest growing brand Kellogg’s® Froot Loops® in 2021, we unlocked food that delights all senses!

In the coming years, we will continue to endeavor to provide time-pressed consumers with additional nutritious and tasty options.

Kellogg's History and Road Map

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About Kellogg South Asia

Kellogg’s is a nourishing cereal brand with a purpose of serving nutrition-seeking time-pressed consumers.

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Our Vision & Purpose

We are a company of promise and possibilities. Each day represents a fresh opportunity to share Our Vision, live Our Purpose.

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Our Values

Our values are part of our DNA. They guide the way we work with our business partners, within our communities and with each other.