Crispy Haddock Fillet

Fish fillet can be taken to weekly menu as a nutritious protein. You need very little effort to get crispy fillets by rolling Corn Flakes.

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Prep Time 30 minutes
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Total Time 35 minutes
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Servings 4

Key Ingredient

Kellogg's® Corn Flakes

Kellogg's® Corn Flakes



  • whiting fish fillets 8
  • Kellogg's® Corn Flakes 2 cups
  • flour 1 cup
  • eggs 3
  • salt 1 dessert spoon
  • black pepper 1 teaspoon
  • cumin 1/2 teaspoon
  • sunflower oil 3 cups

Cooking steps

1. Start by washing the fillets, then drain the water thoroughly.

2. Put flour in a bowl, Kellogg's® Corn Flakes in a bowl & scrambled eggs in a bowl.

3. Add the spices and salt to the flour.

4. Dip the fillets flour, egg and Kellogg's® Corn Flakes respectively.

5. Rest them for 15 minutes in the refrigerator.

6. Then, fry them in hot oil.

7. Drain excess oil from the fried fish and Serve.