Pan-Baked Sweet Potato Corn Flakes

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Prep Time 35 minutes
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Total Time 60 minutes
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Servings 8

Key Ingredient

Kellogg's® Corn Flakes

Kellogg's® Corn Flakes



  • Cleaned sweet potatoes 900g
  • Butter 60g
  • Whole eggs 2 nos
  • Egg yolk 1
  • Toppings
  • Kellogg's® Corn Flakes 1 cup
  • Salted butter 30g
  • Brown sugar 30g or 2 tbsp
  • Mini marshmallows 1 cup

Cooking steps

1. Steam the sweet potatoes until soft. Mash the sweet potatoes and add in the butter and eggs.

2. Mix well and set aside.

3. Mix the Kellogg’s® Corn Flakes with butter and brown sugar.

4. Pour the mashed sweet potatoes into an 8”x8”x2” baking pan – flatten the mixture.

5. Divide the mashed sweet potatoes in the baking pan into 3 or 4 parts. Alternate the placement of the Kellogg’s® Corn Flakes and the marshmallows into each of these sections.

6. Bake at 170°C for 25 minutes.

7. Serve immediately and enjoy!

Tip: You can use any type of baking tray to create your own design/pattern for the toppings.