Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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What Makes A Healthy Breakfast?

It’s a Simple Equation

Making your breakfast count towards meeting your daily nutrition needs is easy. Just follow this simple method for making sure your breakfast is both nutritionally balanced and filling. Mix ‘N Match! Some people enjoy having the same breakfast every day and others love to mix it up. Whatever your preference if you have these three food groups you are right on track. You can mix and match them as you like.

Go with the Grain

Start building your breakfast with a serve of healthy grains such as high fibre or whole grain cereals. A cup of cereal such as All-Bran® Hi-Fibre® cereal should do the trick.

Dairy, anyone?

If it’s milk you love, then go for it. If not, a calcium-enriched alternative is a great addition to any brekkie bowl! Yoghurt is delicious with our Kellogg’s® Granola!

Get your Fruit On

If you love fruit, breakfast is the perfect meal for adding some of that fresh goodness and helps you to get up to your 2 serves of fruit a day. A handful of fresh berries, sliced kiwi or melon are perfect to decorate your brekkie bowl.

But Wait There’s More

Don’t be shy; adding a few nuts and seeds to your cereal can make breakfast even more tasty and filling. It’s a great way to experiment with different ingredients.

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