Picking the Right Cereal for You 

  • Two Bowls Of Corn Flakes Cereal With Toppings of Blueberries and Cranberries

Super Choice

There is no shortage of choice when it comes to choosing a Kellogg’s® Cereal. We have many options for different tastes, different needs, different benefits, and different households.

Whatever you want, there is a Kellogg’s Cereal for you.

Family Favourites

We specialise in nourishing and delighting families at breakfast. Our cereals have been sitting on morning tables for more than a century. Firm family favourites such as Corn Flakes®, All-Bran®, Rice Krispies® and Coco Pops® continue to be staples for many households – decades after we first launched them.

Most Delicious

We also make the most delicious cereals on the shelf. Coco Pops® has been loved for as long as the chocolatey milk has been in the bowl. All-Bran® is a simple, yet tasty way to bring fibre to breakfast. And what about the balance of fruit and crunchy flakes in Kellogg’s® Granola – this has to be one of the most delicious ways to start the day, with a boost of whole grains. And don’t forget, a firm favourite in Corn Flakes, the most unique of the cereal flavours and one that adults, kids and teens love.

Healthy Starts

As for the healthiest cereals on the shelf – well we have some of those as well. Our cereals such as the All-Bran® range. All-Bran® contains natural wheat bran fibre which promotes regularity and support to your digestive health. We also provide fibre and whole grain in many of our foods.

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